September 17, 2016

Track 3-Campus

Yes, I am back. I'm trying to reboot both of my blogs (you can check out my other blog, which is a book review blog here), even though that might not work, but I'm trying for you guys!

Also, I'm extremely sorry because I promised this post in July and it's SEPTEMBER.

Regardless, with school starting back up, I may not have as much time to write my blog posts. Specifically on this one. I'm trying to find out what a good post day will be for this blog, but I'm not sure yet. (Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Monday? You tell me.)
Anyway, I think I shall get on with the post and stop rambling.
Here's Six Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Middle School:

1. Confidence
You could last the three years of middle school with only high confidence (note that I did not use COCKY, I used confident) and a good attitude. Do you know why the popular kids are so popular? Cause they rock their stuff every single day. Even though Regina George was mean, it is undeniable that she was SUPER confident.

OMG, OMG, OMG. Can someone just show this to all the sixth graders in the world? Please?
So when I started sixth grade, I was VERY guarded because I went to a new middle school with nine other people I knew. Only three of them I was close friends with, and three others I was friendly towards; we were acquainted with each other. Nine may seem like a good bit, but when you boil it down, it's only six people who I had only one class with, and it wasn't lunch, and there were hundreds of kids in my grade. So I was freaking out, naturally. But, if you seem nicer than the average bear (which isn't hard), then I can almost guarantee that you'll get a couple of pretty great friends.

3. Join As Many Clubs As Possible
GET INVOLVED MY FRIENDS. I don't care if it's chess club or running club, this is a sure-fire way to make friends. The more people you know and are friends with, most of the time, the better off you'll make it socially. I ALSO SUGGEST AUDITIONING/JOINING DRAMA CLUB. It sounds nerdy, but there are a lot of really nice people in drama club. It's not usually a bunch of Sharpay's from High School Musical battling it out for the lime-light. It's a bunch of awesome people having a fun time acting and singing.

4. Friends Can Come in All Shapes And Sizes, And Also In Really Weird Ways.
This is the story of me and my best friend meeting in Social Studies class after we got new seats:
Friend: *meows*
Me: *barks*
And I kid you not we've been friends ever since.
A good way to make friends is to compliment someone. This works best for girl complimenting girl. I don't suggest this for guys, cause if you're a guy saying this to a girl, she might think you're trying to get her number to slide onto those DMs if you know what I mean. And if you're a guy saying this to a guy, he's either going to think you're weird or cool. If you compliment a guy's shoes, that's some safe ground. Don't be all creepy like: I LIKE YOUR EYES.
That's just a no-go, ok?

5. Ladies, Guys Do not Automatically Get Less Ignorant And Gross When They Hit Sixth, Seventh, Or Eighth Grade.
If anything, they get worse. And for some of them, puberty hits them hard, and welcome to the days where the cute boy from elementary school is covered in acne and his voice cracks every five seconds. Sorry to break it to you girls. Chances are, your buddy John from fifth grade that now goes to your middle school, is not any cuter than he was in fifth grade, and sadly, may not be any more appropriate than he was last year.

I think this is a problem for girls mostly. It's a chain reaction in middle school. One person starts to date, and then her bestie decides to date cause she doesn't want to be a third wheel when they start going on dates. Then her bestie starts to date and so on until you realize all your friends are in a happy relationship going on group dates.
Guess what?
Almost all of those relationships won't last more than a month, and in that month all that's going to go down is the couple playing 20 questions and sending good morning and goodnight texts with smiley emojis. How do I know? Experience.
Also, you're going to have a lot more fun hanging around with your friends instead of hanging around your significant other, when you'll be able to let loose and not worry about how you look or how you're acting.
It gets pretty awkward in middle school, trust me.

So, I guess that's it...
Comment below what you learned through middle school that no one told you before hand.
And check out the weekly book reviews on my other blog, The B.O.B.
This week, I did a review on the recently released Ever Never Handbook by Soman Chainani.
Have a great week!!!

Track of the day:
Campus-Vampire Weekend
Song of the week:
The Middle-Jimmy Eat World

November 26, 2015

Hey Hey!

Just posting to let you know that the B.O.B. has been updated with a new post. It's an analysis of my bookshelf...
Sounds boring, but I promise it's not.
Here's the link:
B.O.B. Bookshelf Analysis

Have a great Thanksgiving!

August 22, 2015

A Very Very Special B-Day

Percy's B-day!!!!!!!
In two ways:

It's been ten years of Percy Jackson!! He's old enough to get his Hogwart's letter!
On the 18th, it was Percy's actual birthday! Which means...

*drum roll*

Percy Jackson's Heroes by Rick Riordan is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*fangirl moment*

(Let me take a moment to compose myself...)
(There we go.)

So, we just another exuse to eat blue food. (Yeah, that's right, Smelly Gabe. You heard us. BLUE FOOD.)
Have a good week!

Track 2-Chocolate

Hi guys!
So I said that I would try to squeeze in a post over the weekend, but there weren't any interesting stories during the dive, besides the fact that when we were feeding the fish underwater, they keep on biting my dad's ear. And I'm not writing a whole post about my dad getting bit in the ear by a fish.
After the dive trip, we went to North Carolina for a visit. It was a one day trip. Sadness. But it was super fun.
We stayed at Lakeview at Fontana
So the awesome thing about this hotel is no wifi, and no TV.
It was so awesome.
See, usually, our house has the TV blaring with kill-everyone-within-two-hours type movies, so it's not that peaceful. So when we get there it's like:
Complete and utter silence.
Plus we're in the mountains, so the views are beautiful, and it's actually COLD OUTSIDE! (HECK YEAH! *high fives everybody*)

So there was a pool of course.
It. Was. Freezing.
There were these tubes on the sides of the pool recirculating water, most of them were relatively warm, and then there's one, that is 52 DEGREES!
That may not seem cold normally, but once you start diving, 60 degrees is freezing.

So this is the view walking out of the pool:
Not bad, right? Look closer.
These are the stairs that you have to climb after the pool. And that's not even all of the stairs. This was just the main set.
Fun, I know.
For the most part, we stayed out of the pool, and played cards--
Friends: *gasp* you sat together with no WiFi and electronics and played what?
Me: Cards.
Friends: What are these cards you speak of?

But really, we played Spades on a deck outside, mostly because my mom refused to learn how to play my favorite card game Kingma.
And there was this super cute calico kitty named Chloe out there. My dad kept trying to call her over like a dog (we have an old man beagle).

So, I really hoped I made your week with cute kitty pictures.
So for the rest of the time we actually went into society, and walked around in the shops. There was this one place that had super cute cheap clothes, and NONE OF THEM FIT ME. (Any other ladies out there that understand the struggle too?)
And we found this amazing chocolate place! It was amazing. They make actual chocolate there.
Mind=blown. (I'm so happy whenever I find places like this.)

Well, that was my trip...
And I promise that I will *try to* post almost every week, whether it be The B.O.B. (which I have an announcement for), or on here.
And if it's on here, The B.O.B. will have a link on it, and vise-versa, so you won't miss a post.

Here's the songs of the week:
Post song: Chocolate-The 1975
Awesome Week Song: Choices-To Kill a King feat Bastille and Friends

Have a bossome week! Update about the B.O.B. coming soon!

June 12, 2015

Last Day of the Music Challenge!

Good evening, my friends!
I feel particularly snobbish because I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice. I feel like that whenever I watch a movie with British people in it...
Except Harry Potter. Ya know?

Anyway, here we are at the last day of the challenge, and I thought I would do something kind of interesting. The last day is Location Songs.
Here are the rules:

-3 to 5 songs that have the title of a place, or sing about a major event that happened there
-Pinpoint them on a map or list them
-please participate!

Here's mine:

Sorry if you can't see that, but here are the songs:

Portugal-Walk the Moon
Viva La Vida-Coldplay
Paris-Magic Man
Budapest-George Ezra
Venice-The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Alright, I hope that wasn't completely dull for you guys.
I'll try to slip in a story post over the weekend. I'm going to be on a dive trip, so no promises.
Hopefully see you soon!

June 11, 2015

Music Challenge Week Days 3-4

I'm a slacker.
And I'm a very sorry slacker.
So super duper sorry that I missed yesterday's post, and that I'm late posting this one too. It's 9:00 where I am, so I am officially slacking for real guys.
And I won't give you an excuse, because my band teacher is going to pop up in my head and say:
"Excuses are like noses. Everyone has one."
Therefore I can't say anything. Sorry.

So, let's get started!

Day 3: Favorite Song
-This is the song you could listen to over and over again and not get tired.
-You can post 1-5 songs that is your favorite (I'm doing one, to make it a quick post)
-Please post on your blog and comment a link to the post, or comment below your favorite (This would be no fun without reader participation!)
-If you can, put a link under/attached to the song and artist name

Here's mine:

Mr.Brightside-The Killers

Day 4: Music Wishlist
-15 or more songs that you really want to download, but haven't yet.
-There can only be one song per artist
-Once again, please participate!

Here's mine:

Afire Love-Ed Sheeran
All of This-Naked and Famous
Arabella-Arctic Monkeys
Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me-Hellogoodbye
Dirty Little Secret-All American Rejects
Ex's and Oh's-Elle King
Halo-The Pass
Kill It-The Cinema
Long Way Home-5 Seconds of Summer
Mess is Mine-Vance Joy
Paris-Magic Man
Reflections-Mister Wives
Such Great Heights-Postal Service
Tightrope-Walk the Moon
Venice-The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Alright, there we go. Redemption.
Tomorrow's the last day of the challenge, so you guys aren't just looking at post of lists of songs.
Story post probably coming over the weekend.
See you soon!

June 9, 2015

Music Challenge Week Day 2-Misheards

Day 2 my friends!
This one's probably going to be my favorite and the shortest:
Top 3 Favorite Miss Heard Lyrics
Here are the rules:
-Please number your favorites in order (1- most favorite 3- least favorite)
-It doesn't have to be a common misheard lyric, maybe just something that you heard wrong...And thought that the lyric was that for a couple of months.
-Please put the correct lyric under the miss hear one, and the song and artist
-Again, please comment below yours or blog about it

1. Blank Space-Taylor Swift
Incorrect: "I've got a long list of Starbucks lovers..."
Correct: "I've got a long list of ex-lovers..."

2. Get Lucky-Daft Punk
Incorrect: "Stay up all night for Mexican Monkey..."
Correct: "Stay up all night to get lucky..."

3. Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
Incorrect: "Ready to whack you! Ready to whack you!"
Correct: "Radioactive! Radioactive!"

This one didn't make it on the list, but probably one of my most embarrassing Misheards:
Marching On-One Republic
Incorrect: "My chenole..."
Correct: "Marchin on..."

What's a chenole? I dunno. A combination of a pole and a cannoli?
Well, I hope you guys have a great day filled with chenoles.
What ever that is.